In this publication, we will take a look at the top 5 website builder tools for small business owners.

We will also go into what to consider when choosing a website builder.

A website is an online presence for a company, organization, or individual. It is a way to attract customers and to present products and services. The best website builder helps you create your own website by providing templates and tools that will make it easy for you to design your own site. There are many different types of web builders available today depending on what type of site you want to create.

Some web builders are designed specifically for the needs of small businesses, while others are designed for individuals who want to build their own personal websites. Some web builders offer hosting services as well as design tools, while others offer only design tools with no hosting services included.

Below, we will summarize and compare the five best website builder services for businesses, in no particular order.

You choose, which suits you best!


Monthly Starting Price $18

Good for launching a simple site
Website builder
Connect a domain
500 monthly form submissions
50 GB bandwidth


Monthly Starting Price $10*
*Billed Annually, not monthly

Website builder
Connect a domain
Unlimited Pages
Basic Elements
SSL Security
Advanced Elements
Visibility Settings
Unlimited Bandwidth
SEO Tools
Designer Tools
Blogging Tools
Google Analytics
24/7 Support


Monthly Starting Price $13

Shopify & Etsy Alternative
Website builder
Connect a domain
Responsive design
Light/dark theme
Content blocks
Customizable cards
Instant update with Google Sheets
Header & Navigation
Content pages (limited)
Markdown Support
Visible for search engines
SEO Settings: meta tags, favicon, preview image
Add custom scripts and CSS
Add analytics and chat
Shopping cart
PayPal checkout
Stripe checkout
Embed as widget to external website
Item details page
Cookie Popup
Content pages
Automation (webhooks and Zapier)
Pro add-ons (integrations)


Monthly Starting Price $27

Website builder
10 sales funnels
50 sales funnel steps
5 blogs
Unlimited blog posts
10 email campaigns
eCommerce integration
List for up to 5000 contacts
Unlimited email sending
10 1-click upsells
10 Automation rules
5 communities
A/B tests
5 courses
Unlimited students
24/7 email support


Monthly Starting Price $14

Website builder
Connect a domain
List for up to 1000 contacts
Email marketing
Landing pages
Signup and contact forms
Marketing automation
List segmentation
Sales funnels
Web push notifications
Live chats


Monthly Starting Price $10

Website builder
10 landing pages
Signup forms & pop-ups
List for up to 1000 contacts
Drag & drop editor
Email automation builder
Unlimited monthly emails
3 users
24/7 Email support